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Human Resources Services

A Wealth of Available Services

Handle human resources with the selection of services that matches your business. Pick the services that match your business goals and challenges. Get everything you need, and only what you need.

Human Resource Services

Fill the gaps in your organization chart, manage staff, and help them do their best. Get help with topics such as:

  • Leave policies and accounting.
  • Employee handbook creation.
  • Compliance and reporting.
  • Defining position skills & requirements.
  • Staff training programs.

People are a very big part of many business’s investment. Getting and keeping good people starts with providing the basics – a structured human resources environment.

Recruiting & Hiring Process

Find the right people for your team. Stay aware of performance. Get help with finding and keeping good people with :

  • Job opening announcement and advertising.
  • Review of applicant responses.
  • Identifying top candidates.
  • Preliminary or complete hiring interviews.
  • Post-placement services.

Get help finding the right match for every opening, and retaining high-performing happy staff members.

Administration & Oversight

Our staff can help with the daily,and periodic requirements of administration, including:

  • Staff administration.
  • Effective communication.
  • Periodic performance review.
  • Compliance and reporting.
  • Implementing procedures.
  • Disciplinary action support.

Stay on top of personnel administration tasks. Keep things flowing smoothly.

Flexible Staffing Solutions

Using the mix of your staff and ours that fits your organization. Outsource the bulk of the work, do it all in-house with our help – or anything in between. Whatever suits your organization structure and needs.

Leave it to Us

Clients who don’t have human resources and personnel management on staff can use our team for the bulk of the work. We handle a full range of personnel and staffing support roles.

Pick and Choose

A combination of your people and our people work together. Use as few or many as you need from both sources, and get the optimal team for your business needs.

As-Needed HR Management

Have a regular presence on your management team without dedicating an office and salary. Use human resource management services as needed.

Networked for Leverage

People are critical to business success. Work on the human resources, staffing, and employee administration areas of your business as part of an overall approach.

Connecting improvements in HR and personnel to ongoing projects in other areas can help both staff and projects achieve success. Contact Accountability Business Services today for a comprehensive improvement plan.

Get the most from your team.


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