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Systems, Technology & Integration Services

The Right Services

Use the services your business needs to gain an edge and keep it. Fit pieces from our services list into your information systems, process, and integration puzzles.

Systems Infastructure

When your business needs some basics for gathering, storing, securing, and reporting information, we can help with:

  • Basic business tracking and reporting.
  • Cloud based information storage.
  • Team based work and remote access.
  • Wireless and mobile systems.
  • Hardware and software acquisition.
  • Systems backup and security.

Gather information. Track processes. Document transactions. Connect activities. Build systems.

Core Business Systems

Put together the services specific to your business activities and goals. Choose projects such as:

  • Customer relationship management.
  • Email hosting, migration, and utilization.
  • Project and work flow management.
  • Business system selection and installation.
  • System-specific training and support.
  • Transaction efficiency improvement.

Give your staff the tools they need to quickly and efficiently process transactions.

Advanced Business Systems

When your business needs something big, we’re prepared to help with or handle projects such as:

  • Major system integration.
  • ERP system research and implementation.
  • Custom program revision/enhancement.
  • Production need prediction and scheduling.
  • Warehouse and shipping automation.
  • Facility expansion or relocation.

Get a hand with big projects. Have some help managing changes and additions to major business systems.

The Right People

Using the mix of your staff and ours that fits your organization. Outsource the bulk of the work, do it all in-house with our help – or anything in between. Whatever suits your organization structure and needs.

Get it Done

Prefer to manage your business and not get an engineering degree or pull wires through your office? We understand. Outsource much or all of your information and business systems workload to professionals with us.

Split the Work

Businesses that have basic information and systems support in-house or under contract with vendors can take advantage of project or task-specific help from our team.

CIO on Tap

Some businesses prefer to have our help at the management level. Our participation on an ongoing basis can bridge gaps in the available skills or act as an impartial second opinion.

The Right Fit

Change the way you view your business to a global perspective that can zoom in on important information. Put together a network of people, processes, and profits with the right business hardware, software, systems and connected processes.

Connect business systems projects to ongoing efforts in other areas of your business. Small changes can have big effects on multiple business areas. Putting emphasis on good business systems allows you to rely on business fundamentals. Putting more visibility on every business area and department lets you do more of what is good and focus on reducing problem areas.


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